Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Snow Day.....NOT!

So my area, as well as the rest of the tri-state area, is going to get hit with a LOT of snow today. While I was at my fabulous job yesterday (and I mean that sarcastically) we were hearing about all the schools that were already announcing closures for today. Even NYC announced they were closing and they rarely, if ever, close.

 The teachers and the rest of the staff were already prepared to lose a personal day because my school NEVER closes! That's right, school will be scheduled as usual!

 This place is not just a school,  it's also a residental treatment center so half of the kids live on the campus and the other half travel by bus from all over. The day students, or kids that come by bus, won't be there because their smart districts closed and so there won't be any bus service. Only the residental kids will have to come to school and that's only about 70 kids.

 Doesn't that sound crazy? Stay open for 70 kids? The best part is that the assistant principal was going around asking the teachers who planned on coming during the storm.  Obviously most of them said no, especially ones that travel an hour or more everyday to get there (that's crazy enough).  This crazy lady just bought a brand new BMW (obviously gets paid much more than the teachers) and said she'll pick up and drop off staff who didn't want to drive. HA HA!!

 Does she think I'll feel safer with her behind the wheel? I think she may be crazier than the kids!

 The thing that really gets me is when she asked me, and I said it depends on what the weather looks like in the morning, she said ,"I don't understand the people here."  SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!?!

 She doesn't undertand that every school in my county, the city and basically the state is closing to keep people safe and off the roads!? She doesn't undertand that people have kids who don't have school today and will be home with no one to watch them!? She "doesn't understand" nearly made me quit right there.

 Did I mention that this "assistant principal" use to be my aid in my classroom when I first started working there? She worked her way up and got her degree in administration and now I have to answer to her. YUK!

 Isn't one of the perks of teaching, when it's snows, you get a snow day? How did I end up at the one school that never closes?? Oh and by the way, we're open all summer too. HA!

 Thanks for letting me vent once again! :-)

Quote of the Day
"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito."
—Betty Reese

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