Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Joys of Parenthood

Last night  the baby woke up at 4:30 for her second feeding. It's the hardest time for me because I'm sooooo tired. I've started pumping so I can give her a bottle, since it seems to works faster than breastfeeding and my boobs are KILLING me, but somtimes I'm just too lazy to get out of bed to get the bottle and warm it up.  Last night was one of those nights. I just couldn't get out of bed so I decided to try to breast feed her.  

 After 45 min of her eating then falling asleep and waking up to eat more, I had it. I got out of bed and got the bottle. She downed that milk in 10 min! So now I'm thinking I should've just done this in the first place. I was so happy that I could put her back down in her bassinet and go back to sleep. Except that when I picked her up to put her back she threw up all 3 ounces of milk!!

 It went all over me, her and the bed. I wanted to cry! My husband woke up to my sound of panic and started to laugh when her saw me covered in milk. 

 We quickly cleaned it up but of course since the baby didn't hold anything down she was up an hour later looking for more. 

 Going to take a nap now! Shhhhhh.........Have a good day!

 BTW my little one was 1 month old yesterday!! Damn that went by fast!!


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