Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Family Fun Day

We had such beautiful weekend here in NY. Hubby, Danicakes and I had a family fun day on Saturday.  First we took Danicakes to the Stepping Stones Museum in CT.  She loved it and it was perfect for her. She got to climb, jump and play on all kinds of different things.

 After the museum it was too nice to go home so we went to a park near my house and tried to show Dani how to ride her bike. She has a little bicycle that looks like a scooter. It's really cute. Of course when we got there we discoved her feet couldn't quite reach the pedals so we took turns pushing her around.

 I have a crazy weekend up ahead and not looking forward to most of it. I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to Monday already. YUK! Well, Hope you al have a fantastic day!

Stepping Stones Museum

Quote of the Day
Collect experiences, not things; for that is what will truly nourish you.
                                        –Grey Wolf

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