Tuesday, 14 August 2012


What do these celebrities all have in common?   They are all famous for no reason!

I had this conversation over the weekend with a few friends.  After my Jenna Jameson post I vented to my friends how I think it totally unfair that she made all her money making porn and I'm broke teaching. Most of my friends are teachers so they all agreed. Then we started talking about celebraties who are famous for doing nothing. Just looking pretty or I'm just not sure how to explain the Jersey shore cast. (Although I have to admit I do like Pauly D.)

Ok it's Monday and I'm off all week so I'm going to try to kick my mood swings to the curb this week and write about positive things. One good things that happened this past weekend was it was my mother's 60th birthday. My father's 70th is in August so my sister and I pitched in and booked them a trip to Vegas in June.

They were soooo happy my mother started crying. My parents don't ever really travel or get away so this was a really good gift and I was glad we were able to do this for them. Now if I could only get away myself!

Quote of the Day

Better to light one small candle than curse the darkness.
                                       –Chinese Proverb

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