Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Random Monday thoughts

I don't have one particular subject to talk about just a bunch of random thoughts.

 #1 I had another relaxing weekend with nothing to do. I can get use to this! Of course next weekend I have two parties.

 #2 I'm sooooo glad we didn't get any snow. I feel bad for those of you who are still digging your way out. I want SPRING!!!

 #3 Did you see the E-trade commercial with the babies during the Superbowl? I loved it! Click on the link to watch it if you missed it.       SUPERBOWL E-TRADE COMMERCIAL

 #4 I've been thinkng about switching to Wordpress. Have any of you made the switch recently? Is it difficult to do and what are the pros and cons with it?

Quote of the Day
“Action is the foundational key to all success." —Pablo Picasso
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Monkey see Monkey do
 My daughter is turning 2 in May. She just started her new daycare yesterday and after work I picked her up and came home. My sister Debs came by for a while and we were talking about how big Danicakes is getting and how much she's changed.

 I feel like she's changed a lot just in the past few weeks. All of a sudden she repeats everything I say. Somtimes it's clear and sometimes she says it in her own language but she still tries.

 Now I realize, I really have to be careful what I say around her.

 My sis and I decided to order Chinese food for dinner. Hubby was out with some co-workers.  After an hour of waiting for the food it finally arrived.  We ate and then I started to clean the table.

 I picked up the plates off the table and brought them into the kitchen. As I went to put one in the sink it slipped out of my hand and landed right on my little toe before hitting the floor!

 The pain was excrutiating!! I hopped around on one foot, holding the other, yelling every curse word I know and even made up a few.  Tears were just about to run down my face when I looked at my 1 1/2 year old daughter and she had one foot in her hand trying to hop around and repeating all the bad words.

 The pain was still there but I couldn't help but fall to the floor laughing at her. My sister and I laughed so hard for a good 10 min. You know the laugh where you can't breath and tears are falling uncontrollably?

 I thought I probably should not have laughed since she was repeating the curse words but she doesn't know what bad words are anyway. She was just repeating mommy.  It was my fault for not using paper plates!

 So that was my laugh for the day and I definately needed that!

Quote of the Day
"With unfailing kindness, your life always presents what you need to learn."
                                                       -Charlotte Joko Beck

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